Kingdom Warfare is Masterfully Written!

The war between Good and Evil is real! It cannot be avoided!

Check out what people are saying…

"Kingdom Warfare is a fresh and insightful learning tool for the Kingdom disciple to effectively learn how to battle the everyday spiritual warring that occurs in our daily walk. This is a great book to read alone or in a group study to help prepare you to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom of God!"
Ruby Sprayberry
"Pastor Gregory's book on Kingdom Warfare is equally as motivational for the seasoned believer as it is for the new believer! It was a great book that was very knowledgeable and gave me a new perspective on spiritual warfare!"
Henry Gravitt
"Kingdom Warfare opened my eyes to the purpose God has for my life and the spiritual war going on around me. Learning to understand and put into action the calling God has for my life, I have encountered many obstacles, but I never understood why. This book answered the “why” and provided me with the “how” in order to be successful and victorious in Spiritual Warfare!"
Kris Roland

Don’t be stopped
Your purpose is great!
Your adversary is real!

Kingdom Warfare is a purposefully written book by Senior Pastor Tim Gregory to expose the works of the enemy and help individuals understand how the enemy is working in their life to wreak havoc and destruction. 

This book provides its readers with steps to take in order to be successful in warring against the enemy.  It is a guided journey through which the Holy Spirit is given opportunity to reveal to people things about themselves and the walk God wants them to travel. 

Gregory says, “I want individuals and small groups to read and study this book – allowing the Holy Spirit to change each person’s life so that they will be more able to purposefully and successfully live the way that God wants them to!”

Allow this book to equip you and be a blessing to you as you allow the Holy Spirit to work inside of you!